Actions can send multiple messages. Are you aware that your smile may mean a torrid, French kiss for her? It’s not insanity. It’s imagination. It’s appreciation. It’s the receiver’s ability to creatively construct meanings for a single action, which may sometimes be inconsequential to the doer/giver. Of course, while staying within the parameters of lucidity.

You only stare.

I feel like you’re sending an invitation for lunch, where we could talk about our mutual interests. I feel like you’re examining every detail of my face, appreciating your reflection in my eyes, my pair of dimples, and my pink lips.

You text me.

I feel loved. It must be so thoughtful of you to spend time to send me a message. I am hoping for a sweet reminder.

We share meals.

I feel unified. I imagine the scene of a newly-wed couple at the reception, sharing a slice of their wedding cake.

You clasp me.

I feel like we were on our bed on our first night as husband and wife in celebration of our love for each other. I want to be fastened by both of your arms and never be released. I like the heat.

You sing a song.

Even though it’s not dedicated for me, I feel like it’s Valentine’s day. Your voice seemingly reverberates through my innermost soul, soothing all my worries and stresses, gently emptying my mind from self-constructed problems.

to be continued…


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