(B)roadcast (L)ofty (O)pinions (G)lobally

The million-dollar question is: Why do bloggers blog?Probably, the most prominent reply is “Just because…”, as answered by those who don’t want to think deeper into themselves. In my case, blogging found a space in my heart because I love to broadcast myself. It all started as a Computer Studies project. I was not good at Programming so I compensated that deficiency by publishing lofty articles. At that time, I was the Opinion Editor of our school paper so that project served as an appropriate avenue for me to express my opinions. That “compliance” attitude towards blogging blossomed into an interest which I have cultivated until now. Besides having a private blog, I created a new one for the global audience.

I blog to:

Share my stories about anything under the sun;

Temporarily break away from the troubles and complexities of reality;

Voice out through writing what is on my mind, especially when I have no one to share my stories with;

Exercise my writing skills, especially in grammar and composition;

Network with other bloggers, may they be fresh or seasoned;

Serve students with the motivation and inspiration they need to fence off with hurdles;

Occupy my time with something valuable; and

Notice a reasonable level of soundness or health of mind in oneself.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Million-Dollar Question.”


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