All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

“I hope I’ll graduate with Latin honors,” I said to myself. I did what was humanly possible for me. I had worked hard to attain and maintain an excellent transcript of records. Last March 22, 2015, I have realized this dream.

Sissy holds my medal
Sissy holds my medal

“I hope I’ll get at least one external award during the Seniors’ Recognition Rites,” I said to myself. I performed to the best of my academic capabilities. Last March 20, 2015, I have realized this dream. During the Seniors’ Recognition Rites, I was awarded with three Academic Excellence Awards from the top accounting firms in the Philippines: SGV & Co. (Ernst & Young); Punongbayan&Araullo (Grant Thornton LLP); and RG Manabat and Co. (KPMG).

Medal of Academic Excellence
Medal of Academic Excellence
SGV Beam of Academic Excellence
SGV Beam of Academic Excellence
P&A Academic Excellence Award
P&A Academic Excellence Award
KPMG Academic Excellence Awards
KPMG Academic Excellence Award

The aforementioned firms have given out plaques and medals to all who graduated with Latin honors, without further interview or credentials assessment. Since there were four of us, we all received the Academic Excellence Awards. But one firm, Isla Lipana & Co. (PricewaterhouseCoopers) chose only one awardee. Unlike EY, Grant Thornton, and KPMG, PWC asked us to submit via e-mail our curriculum vitae for they only select one recipient of the Academic Excellence Medal for every school. We were then scheduled for an interview. Unfortunately, our interview schedules were on the day of the graduation rehearsal. Only one of us was able to answer PWC’s call, which he said to have lasted for half an hour. I felt sad because I ‘hoped and it didn’t turn out exactly as I hoped.’ I even sent a message asking for an interview reschedule to Mr. X, PWC’s initial contact person, but I received no reply. The day after, I was surprised to receive a call, not from Mr. X but from PWC’s Human Capital (HC) Senior Associate, Ms. Lulu Guades. She asked if I could spend “a few minutes for an interview.” I responded respectfully. There were a lot of disturbances in the call, from both ends. Her voice was choppy but she can hear mine well. Papa also answered an incoming call and his voice competed with mine. Our house is too small that wherever I went, the background environment contained noise. Worse, the roosters that our neighbor raises sang in chorus. All these happened while I was being interviewed. Ms. Lulu had to end the call and dial again with another mobile phone. Her “few minutes” lasted for 50 minutes. As a result, I had a steaming left ear. I let go of my dream of getting the award after the call. I told myself, “Uggh, lousy connection, noisy setting, what else could be worse?”

When I went to the Office of Student Affairs to have my clearance signed, Sir Jim exclaimed, “So, you are Stvenson! I’m sorry you were not awarded with the PWC Academic Excellence Medal during the rites. PWC has not sent us the medal yet and we forgot the box where the dummy medal was placed.” Oyez! I asked for only one but God gave me four.

“Stvenson, tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.”

Isla Lipana & Co (PWC Phils.) Academic Excellence Medal
Isla Lipana & Co (PWC Phils.) Academic Excellence Medal

I can tell you about ‘a time.’ But actually, there were ‘several times’ when everything turned out exactly as I hoped for.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All It’s Cracked Up to Be.”


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