Choose to Change


Change is closely related to a contract. We all have the capability to change. When we choose to change, we have actually made a contract to ourselves. As a contract itself, its elements have to be complete: our own consent, object, and cause. Cause asks the question, “Why do you want to change?”. Otherwise stated, “What motivates you to change?” There must be a valid reason that pushes one to change.

As young as twenty, I have accumulated experiences insufficient to touch hearts deeply or to transform lives that would ultimately change the world. Inasmuch as I want to, my contribution in making a better world through blogging may have not started yet or if it has, may be comparable to a sprout.

I have to gain experience for others to emulate me.

Change has to begin within us. As what St. La Salle, whose charism inspired the birth of my school had always said, “Let me be the change I want to see— the change that begins in me.” My best accounting teacher for this semester posted just tonight a picture containing the exact words above, with a caption telling that she will be needing 3 boxes soon, adding that they will come in three sizes- large, medium and small and will be labeled “throw”, “give” and “keep” respectively. I would like to keep it simple, an explanation as brief as a sentence or two is enough.

Throw. We have to lose those traits that stain our souls and let go of the things that mar us in any way. (Large)

Give. M. Allen, a Feng Shui expert, told in a recent interview that 2015 is the ‘Year of Reconciliation” ; that is why goodwill and reconciliation are the best intangible assets I could give to change the world as a 2015 Octoberian CPA. (Medium)

Keep. The characteristics that we possess for which we are well-loved and positively known for must remain in us. When we are blessed with worldly wealth, keeping little to ourselves means a levelheaded act. (Small)

The year 2015, as fresh as two days old, holds plenty of promises. But the bottomline is, “Will those promises reach realization?” If we promise change, would it last until December 31 or we’ll lose discipline by the first few months, thereby breaking our pledge of change. That’s a matter of choice, deary. CHOOSE TO CHANGE. Remember, life’s not an MCQ type of test.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Be the Change.”


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