In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hindsight.”

Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.

My first post here at WordPress is a narrative of what happened during my first few months in college (refer to I RULE). So, I would like to restate the writing challenge: Now that you’ve got more leadership experience under your belt, re-write your personal thoughts on your very first post.

Yesterday, I made an indeliberate decision which made a large fraction of my classmates resort to ignoring me. ‘Tis what happened. We were asked to make a video about global warming which’ll serve as our final exam in English. So our teacher played a documentary film about the topic for us to have a hint of what we’re gonna do. The video was about an hour & a half and our instructor already viewed it for 6 times. Being the class mayor, I was given the responsibility to bring the class in order while our teacher went to the faculty room, such responsibility being actually inherent to my mayoralty powers. The minute hand of my watch moved about 30 degrees to the right when I heard my classmates talking too loudly that I almost used picture clues only to understand the video. “Hush…hush…hush.” My hushing only made them noisier. I should have used my gift of speech. Hushing, to mean as to silence someone, is only a conventional sign. They must not have understood what I meant. Worse, I saw a circle of my classmates playing cards in the last row. I turned red and grumpy so I stood and got the attendance pad, without even trying to talk to them. Most clamored, “Where’s the attendance sheet? I haven’t signed yet!” I told them, with brows raised, “I’ll let you sign only if you keep your mouths shut and listen attentively.” About 3 persons approached me for being unobjective. I only retorted the same line. Afterwards, I came to report everything to our teacher. I should have added how my patience meter reached its maximum so quickly, that I got agitated for such a petty cause probably because it was too hot in the room as the effects of the global warming were very much felt (so deep, eh?). Her wide smile gradually turned into a frown of disappointment as I went along telling her what happened. She replied in dismay,”I am so sorry. I thought your classmates won’t behave like that ‘coz you’re in the star section. I must have been there on guard.”

Immaturity… I forgot to tell you, we’re already college students.

It was our lunch break after the English class. I envisioned that I will be the main course for their lunch, or perhaps the dessert. No, I was wrong! I would be the subject of their talk from the succulent appetizer to the tasty main dish to the sweet dessert. I went to eat my lunch w/ my acquaintances Hilla and Dazelle. They gave me their comments and sentiments for what happened earlier that day. Dazelle seemed to read my mind when she spoke, “Vens, I know you’re not listening to us.” I faked a smile. I thought,  “Did I make the right decision for not letting them sign the attendance pad?” I never felt even a single pinch of guilt or sorrow that day. I am fully aware of my leadership style. I am a dictator in a way which I strongly believe is righteous and appropriate. As what Max Soliven once said, “When times are hysterical, there are bound to be hysterical decisions made.” But I also acknowledge the fact that my decision was marked by lack of forethought so a better quote by an unknown author must necessarily be stated, “Anger tends to blind you from reason, just take a moment to think before you act.”

Now, I can conceive as real the fact that I DID NOT RULE because a ruler is supposed to weigh things with great discernment and reason. My ability to rule was weakened by fury. I SHOULD HAVE RULED in accordance with the moral standard of how a ruler should rule.


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