Adult Child

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All Grown Up.”

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

Year 2002. I was in the second grade. At such an unripened age, I actually felt INDEPENDENT. Why? I have several reasons in defense of that feeling.


1. Since 2002, I have been buying my own notebooks, raincoat, briefs, socks, toothbrush, hankies, clothes, shoes and other school supplies and personal (in material form) needs out of my savings.

2. Since 2002, I have been travelling to school without any parent in company.

3. Since 2002, I have been attending all “Parent-Teacher’s Association” meetings.

4. Since 2002, I have neither kissed/hugged nor been kissed/hugged by my parents.

5. Since 2002, I have been supplying my own needs for love, guidance, and appreciation, among others.

And the listicle can run as lengthy as 1000 items like “I have been enrolling myself since 2009”, “I have not been celebrating my birthday since I was four years of age”, “Since 2003, I have been talking to my alter ego about my crushes and how I was so shy to send them letters of admiration”, and “Since first year high school, I have been attending masses all by myself; I have been kissing no parent everytime the celebrating priest says ‘Peace be with you.’ ” (Such a pain in my heart whenever I could see kids of my age kissing their moms and dads!)

Don’t all these serve as a conclusive evidence that I have been an “All Grown Up” since I was eight? Only I can tell.

P.S. I have to stop enumerating more memories of my being an “All Grown Up” at a very early age. I can’t bear the sorrow. I hope you would understand.


4 thoughts on “Adult Child

    1. stvensontupas says:

      Yeah, a very inspiring one. I am the the fifth child amongst seven of us. I lacked attention in almost all aspects. I believe you’re giving your kids equal treatment. It’s just that we can’t survive by Dad’s salary alone; my mom’s a housewife. We needed help from our aunts and uncles. I had to help myself as well. But we’ve turned that “curse” into a “blessing.” Now, somehow, we’re living a good life. Thanks for dropping by @granonine 🙂


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