Honors be to Josephine, Guardian of the Seven

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Honorific.”

She was fostered by a couple

Who promised her education.

Sending goodbye kisses to the other orphans,

Josephine found a new home

Freckles had developed all over her face,

Still, no uniform had been sewn.

Her supposed-to-be parents turned out to be her masters

Over the years, Josephine lost grip of her dreams.

The laundry area served as her classroom,

The kitchen— her canteen.

Seven children were assigned to her

Selflessly, Josephine tendered them.

Washing the garments is a routine to her

So as cleaning the dishes.

Cooking, sweeping, gardening—she can do best,

In service for about 25 years now.

She seems to be a woman of industry

Until now that 2 out of those 7 have already kids.

She accompanies them to school without clamor

Every thing life has in store, she appreciates.

JOSIE, a diminutive form of the name of the woman who deserves an honorific title.


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