The End of the Win Streak

A streak is a vein. When the vein is cut, it finally loses its purpose, which is to serve as a channel for blood to flow throughout the entire body. When major veins break, it could result to paralysis, or in worst-case scenarios, to render us lifeless. Tonight, we became lifeless. Part of my mourning was the echo of the question, Am I a major vein? For the past two years, the Grand Championship Trophies had been handed over to us. When we were in our second year (BABA2A), we won all awards. Last year, we won all but the Best in Visual Design Award. And now, we moved down a single level, having been proclaimed as the First Runner-up, or the ‘first clappers’ as others would say. The win streak has lost its effectivity. I didn’t join the Production Night this year. Partly because, I had to study for a prestigious contest. I opted to use the available time during the University Week to learn new concepts and prepare myself for the academic competition instead of practicing for the Production Night. And partly because I don’t want to be the antagonist of the story for the third time. For the past two years, I served as the take-charge leader. I ensure that everything is taken care of by assigning working committees fittingly. My classmates generally liked that move of mine. At the same time, I was also the challenger. I was very straightforward to reprimand them if they don’t perform at their full capacity, or if they don’t get the steps and/or lyrics right after several repetitions. After all, what I intended was for the team to win. I believe what I did was beneficial for us, as my corrections, suggestions, and constructive criticisms were reflected in our fabulous performances. But in the process of polishing those enactments, many hearts experienced weeping and in all stories, it was because of me. It was because I functioned as a faultfinder. I was the sole adversary with an evil chuckle close to that of Maleficent. To some, my criticisms were destructive. They didn’t even realize why I was behaving in that manner. And this time, I decided not to assume any responsibility at all—neither as a performer, nor as an insistent and worthless critic who bears no talent but only judgmental eyes. I love to sing but I don’t sound sweet. I know how to dance but my moves aren’t that up-to-date. But I am best at bringing out the best in other persons. This year, I served as the official tabulator of the event. I don’t want to share in this post how I felt while watching their performance. Some things just didn’t fall into their perfect places. All I could say is that, “There is no use in applying wax if no one would be willing to scrub the floor.” And there’s no use of scrubbing the floor, if you do not put enough hard work to make it appear polished and shiny. One thing is worth sharing, Pat was remarkably superb. Thanks be to him for giving honor to our class, being the recipient of the Best Male Performer for three consecutive years. What’s interesting is that he was awarded for playing the role of Frozen’s Elsa, a female character. Before my class’ performance, Kat approached me while I was at the Tabulator’s Station. At first, I was a bit hesitant to entertain her as I might give the impression of partiality but I spared some time to talk to her. I held her hand to express my support. She was so nervous. Her words enthused me dearly as she said, “Stvens, i-motivate ko bi kay nakulbaan ko. Ako nga daan ang ara sa first act. Natandaan ko sang una, nakulbaan man ko, ikaw gid to ya ang nag-encourage sa akon. Sige na Stvens, biskan akigan mo pa ko.” (Stvens, please motivate me because I’m so terrified. I’ll be the one doing the first act. I remember last time, I was also nervous and you were the one who encouraged me. Please, Stvens, even if you would have to scold me.) And so I told her to give her best shot and never let fright overcome her. I felt glad to have appeased her. More importantly, I felt valued. I was very content to know that the one to whom I expended several yells at, treasures my criticisms and considers them as prized. Siomai, our class mayor, my successor, was also very hands-on and responsible. She was involved at all committees from the choreography to the costumes to the lights to the props to the practice venues, etc. She was very soft-hearted that when some of our classmates weren’t listening at her, she would cry instead of blasting a reproach— completely opposite with my means. The win streak has ended. As Fantasia’s song goes, ‘we have to lose in order to win.’ New victors were named. Congratulations to all the winners of JPIA-USLS Production Night 2014: Night at the Movies! Champion: BABA2D 1st Runner-up: BABA4 2nd Runner-up: BABA3 Special Awards: Best Movie Title: Hero (Design by Nile Alric Allado of BABA3) Best Male Performer: Elsa (Carl Mark Pat of BABA4) Best Female Performer: Cruela de Vil (Candy Oyco of BABA2D) Best Screenplay: BABA2B Best Production: BABA2D With God as our vessel, we can always smile at the storm. We weep with the weeping and rejoice with the rejoicing. That’s the essence of every competition.  ✅✅❌ (written on September 2014)


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