CIMA-GBC 2014- The Experience (Stage 1)

Started in 2009, CIMA- Global Business Challenge is an international competition organized by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants in partnership with Barclays geared towards cultivating business leaders of tomorrow across 24 countries. Stage 1 is the Case Study Analysis. It is in this stage that teams prepare a 3,000-word output based on the challenge package which includes a case study, scenario, and tips and techniques document. The teams are required to submit their reports to the local region. In the Philippines, submissions are channeled through Mr. Samuel Villacampa of Philippine Duplicators Inc., the GBC Chairperson in the Philippines or through Mr. Jack Ong, the Advancement Executive Director of CIMA-SouthEast Asia in Malaysia via e-mail.

Unlike other schools where the Department Chairperson or Dean carefully selects the students to represent their institution, ours was a matter of self-confidence and volunteerism. Ms. Stephanie Calamba, the Accountancy Chairperson, simply announced to us the competition eligibility and rules and asked those who were interested to form a team of four and pass a 1/4 sheet of yellow paper with their names written on it. She added she didn’t want to choose the representatives because for the past few years (except last year), those whom she had chosen didn’t have the initiative to work on the case due to time constraints, as they claim. In our esteemed university, University of St. La Salle, two teams participated in the Stage 1.I wanted to join so I invited Jorge, Hilla, and Lance to become a part of my team. We were named USLS-01. I had a lot of team names in mind at that point, Case-O’-Philics and Tacticians to name two, but we were shy enough to dissent to Ms. Steph’s declaration of our name, she being our mentor. The four of us shared the same opinion with the other team consisting of Pat, Leah, Kenneth and Aron. They were collectively called USLS-02 (hahahahahaaha), under the mentorship of Mr. Ed Mark Rustico.

Almost 50 teams from different colleges and universities in the Philippines took part in the Stage 1.

Participating schools (incomplete):

1.Holy Angel University
2.San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila
3.University of Cebu-Lapulapu & Mandaue
4.University of the Cordilleras
5.Technological Institute of the Phils.-Manila
6.University of the East-Manila
7.University of the Philippines Visayas
8.University of St. La Salle
9.University of Santo Tomas
10.Central Luzon State University
11.Cebu Institute of Technology-University
12.St. Paul University Iloilo
13.Malayan Colleges Laguna
14.De La Salle University- Manila
15.De La Salle Lipa
16.Colegio de San Juan de Letran
17.St. Paul University Dumaguete
18.Ateneo De Davao University
19.Technological Institute of the Phils.-QC
20.Mindanao State University21.Polytechnic University of the Philippines22. Far Eastern University

23. De La Salle University-Dasmarinas

Truly, when unexpected things happen, happiness is extremely heartfelt. We were fortunate enough to proceed to Stage 2 of the challenge.

Qualified for the Philippine Local Finals which will happen on June 20:

(USLS-01, University of St. La Salle)

(K Project, Far Eastern University)

(Pylon Consultancies, Polytechnic University of the Philippines)

(Cinq Solutions, Mindanao State University)

(Guardians Of Eden, De La Salle University)

(Paragons, De La Salle University)

As the team leader, I felt accomplished. For the first time in the history of USLS, a team qualified for the National Finals with little-to-no support from the school. We diagnosed the case for just three days, upon arrival from an educational field trip in Manila. With jaded hearts and minds then, we met everyday at the vacant rooms in the University, at the College Plaza, 365, Sander’s just to finish the case. Jorge and Hilla even had a misunderstanding which stemmed from a very nonsense discussion. Of course, I had to mediate to sew the patch between them for the sake of our report. Moreover, Lance was unable to attend to our meetings. He said he can’t miss their family’s Summer excursion. At least, he submitted to me a 4-paragraph analysis. Our paper hasn’t undergone keen editing. I was the proofreader. It was only after our qualification that I read the report again and found several grammatical errors, faulty sentence construction, wrongly-spelled words, and inconsistent formatting. When I sent Ms. Steph a copy of our report, I wrote, “Gdpm miss, we sent the file just now. Here’s a copy: It may not be award-winning but we want you to know that we incorporated in this paper all our best ideas.”


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