Rural Ramble

Conducted annually, the University of St. La Salle Institutional Inventory Count, tags Accountancy students to participate in the major task of the Compliance Office. Last year, I was assigned at the Center for Lasallian Ministries (CELAM) and Internship Office where the Furniture and Fixtures and Machinery and Equipment whose individual value equates or exceeds 2,000, were few. This year, I haven’t had my name listed as a student participant because I practiced Facebook abstinence for 5 consecutive days. The information was just propagated in Facebook. Sorry for those who don’t use their accounts often. We didn’t even receive mobile phone notifications, which really shifted my mood to an upset Stvenson. Maybe Miss Irene made a wrong decision of channeling the invitation through JPIA instead of the Accountancy Chairperson.

To cut the lengthy story, Shomai, our class mayor, offered her slot to me because she had an important affair to attend to. Her designation was at the Health Sciences Campus. Because of the play of circumstances, Leah and I exchanged assignments, she being late at the day of the count. Her designation was the heaviest, encompassing three very large areas: The Granada Ecopark, Bahay Pag-Asa, and Agribusiness Campus. In effect, I partnered with Diane in completing the work. We were paid Php 200.00 each for the 8-hour job. Would you agree with me if I call it UNDERPAYMENT?

Here are some of our pics at the Agribusiness Campus. I would like to thank the very welcoming caretakers, whom we called Manongs, for expressing hospitality during our visit. We even brought home about 30 indian mangoes after Diane requested something to feed to her grumbling stomach. Overall, the experience was truly remarkable, especially when transporting from one area to another as we were carried by the University of St. La Salle Fortuner which is exclusive to administrative personnel.



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