Loom Bracelets Drive Filipinos’ Summer Crazy



May 23, 2014. Summer classes are over. I didn’t know what to do to keep myself sane without going anywhere. After reading the last word in Chapter 5 of The Fault in Our Stars, Madame Boredom clasped me again. Studying even made me feel lonesome. And for those who recommended doing the household chores, I told them: I AM NOT INDUSTRIOUS WHEN I’M AT HOME. But I can give a great deal of help when Mom requests me to empty the fridge. Burrrrp!

Just in time, my classmate, Manang Faye, who is 6 years my senior, posted pictures of hers alongside her friends and cousins keeping up with this so-called Rainbow Loom, a loom set famous among USA kids, including kids-at-heart. It’s just easy if you love embroidery, knitting, and any hobby related to them. A lot of interesting patterns are available. I taught my nieces Evaughne and Dagway who learned very well instantly. Now, I have done something interesting this summer. FORGET THE GIRLY IDEA. Looming isn’t just for women,.



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