He Who Handles


He who fails.
He who settles in between.
He who tops.
He who handles everything in balance.

He is Christian John Rojo, CPA. I can vividly recall the first time I heard his name. It was Mr. Teody Cabantug who mentioned that name when he shared to us the participants of the 1st National Management Quiz. Upon booting the computer, I immediately logged in to Facebook and began to search who that person is. Ah! He looks familiar, I told myself. He was also a participant during the 2nd Annual University-Wide Debate Contest where I won the Overall Best Speaker Award. Among others, I remembered him because, instead of declaring his team as “disqualified” for having only 2 speakers(required: 3), the Board lent them consideration. As a result, he delivered two speeches, being the second speaker, and at the same time, the third speaker. Haplessly, his team lost to the Integrated School Team.

It was June 17, 2012 (Thanks be to Fb for noting the date) when I first asked about a trifling idea and the conversation went:
Christian John Rojo
indi bro, current asset na siya kay restricted iya use.
Stvenson’s Too Fast
gne…i separate account q gd xa nong?
Christian John Rojo
separate gd
Stvenson’s Too Fast
ah okay..thanks anyway
Christian John Rojo
Stvenson’s Too Fast
goodluck gle sa management quiz…gn.hmbalan kmi ni sir teody na ikaw gd npilian nya over k nang gelianne
Christian John Rojo
Hehehe thanks gd Study hard man kay ikaw naman sa dasun
Stvenson’s Too Fast
ur welcome… if u will WILL it to me, why not? …cge nong…tuon na da…sorry sa storbo
Christian John Rojo
actually gaapnghimus lg ko d room haha

From then on, I was not diffident anymore to send him queries about accounting. He said we have a lot of similarities from being “torpe” to being intelligent. We both landed on the third spot during the USLS Accountancy Qualifying Exams 2010 and 2012, respectively. What I appreciate the most about this topnotcher is his being helpful. JPIA-USLS has this activity called “Peer Tutorials” wherein each senior/ junior is normally paired to two sophomores as his/her tutees. Manong Kurt Yee, originally was my tutor. To my surprise, manong Christian volunteered to be my tutor. He told me, “Hambal ni Kurt ako na lang kuno simo kay close na ta ya nga duha!” He then created a group in Facebook which he named “Rojo Accounting Office and Co.” During our tutorial sessions, I could already tell that he’d top the board exam. Why? ‘Coz he manages to present to me a convincing solution for every complex problem we encounter, in the same convincing manner as my basic accounting instructor, Ms. Rona Corda-Prado( Top 6 during her time) would explain to me.

When his team failed to enter the JFINEX ICFC last 2012, I also mourned for them for I have seen frowns of disappointment on their faces. So, I sent manong Christian a deep, consoling message. I guess that failure only made him earn more determination. Unlike his classmates, he was already reviewing for the Board Exam when he was still in the last 2 semesters, despite the piling study and compliance works as a Senior. While letting me read first before starting the tutorial, he would unload his backpack and grab his Financial Acctg Vo. 1 book. That gained him a headstart.

Manong Christian is a dreamer. I could relate with him and his stories very well for we share the same dreams. From becoming a CPA, to a lawyer, and so on. Normally, he’s not with the company of his classmates. I missed to tell you that, with respect to accounting, he’s an advanced thinker but when it comes to emotions, he’s quite finding it difficult to move along with his classmates. I couldn’t type what I wanted to say in a direct-to-the-point manner. (Peace bro!)Okay, let’s reorganize the ideas. He’s well-matched to those who are younger than him. “I can see Cleth and Diane moving their heads up and down in approval.”

It was the first day of the Board Exam. I can see the broken statuses of his co-examinees after having answered the TOA and Auditing Theory so I chatted him to check how he finds the exam. His only reply was: “Thanks gid sa support. Everything is so far so good.” “So far, so good!, huh?” I told myself, “No worries, certainly he’ll top!” And I was absolutely right!

list of topnotchers
list of topnotchers

Manong Christian restarted the kindling fire of determination in me. In my time, I’ll also put my best foot forward, just as he did. Well, for USLS, the topnotchers come in an arithmetic sequence. That is, every two years(starting from 2007 only, with no regard to the previous batches): 2007- Brian Lim (Top 1); 2009- Ryan Nandwani (Top 5); 2011-Ever Joy Ferrer(Top 4) and Neil Andrew Yanson (Top 10); 2013-Christian John Rojo (Top 3); 2015- ________________ (Top __)..

For 2015? For now, we cannot tell. All i want to do right now is to keep on singing: “Lord, Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning, burning, burning. Give me oil in my lamp, I pray: Hallelujah!Give me oil in my lamp keep me burning, burning, burning. Keep me burning till 2015!”


For the complete list of successful examinees, click the link: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Byco8xEp6RCZS1JFU1BLd3g3aXc/view?usp=sharing&pli=1&sle=true


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