Everyday, I’m bombarded

With her useless sermons

Which fill the once tranquil air

With the din of negativity.


The drums in my ears are close to ruin

With her single thunder-like release

“Threshold of pain”— my teacher said,

“the loudest intensity we could manage to hear.”


Even how hard I cover my C-shaped organ,

Still, that painful sound overrides.

I feel the pang travel

from my ears,

to my head,

to my heart,

to my innermost soul.

My eyes moisten; my heart cramps.


Earplugs do no help.


That was long ago,

When my auditory perceptual system still functions,

When I was still sensitive,

When the sole thing I knew is to partake her yells.


Now, I feel numb,

Resistant to all those high-fidelity amplifiers.

Now, I could hear her before thunder-like preachment

As soft and incomprehensible whispers.

the longer, the fainter…


It was her fault.

She deafened me.

I should have talked back to halt her.

I should have become an escapist.


“Threshold of hearing”—

I could recall from my Physics teacher.


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