I Smell Victory

That night was a blast. The smoke machine, black lights, laser lights, and spotlight collaborated with us as we danced to the kinetic music which filled the audience with shrieks and applause of amusement. The theme of the production night was NOW PLAYING: MUSIC BOX, TALENTS UNLOCKED. We wanted to prove that an Accountancy student must not be confined to studying only but must also be open to diversion. We aimed to show that we don’t just possess wits but also appreciable talents. We may have encountered a lot of heartaches, tears, and open dialogues brought about by misunderstanding in the process but the vision of emerging as victors enveloped in the virtue of teamwork even made us more cohesive and determined. The gibes of other people surrounding us only strengthened ourselves. We prayed for God’s intervention and guidance before our performance. Our performance was a WOW. Placed in the center was a music box outlined by uncivilized stone age men. A strong feeling of fright embraced the stone age people when Pat came out of the box. They had him tied up. Not long after, the tribal women entered and danced gracefully. Soon, a creature busted in while laughing evilly, driving away the stone age and tribal people. While being hurt by the creature, Pat sang his way with the song “Phantom of the Opera.”  The creature exited the stage with the promise of returning soon. Upon the opening of the curtains, Elvis Presley sang “Blue Suede Shoes” with 4 energetic backup dancers. Next was Madonna with “Material Girl.” The props for this part was so fantastic. We made a very large shoe as well as a gigantic handbag. Four lovely men holding money went with her. On the next spot was the RETRO. They jived with the song “Dancing Queen” by ABBA. The costumes were so appropriate and the dancers wore real smiles in their faces throughout their performance. They went out of the stage upon the entrance of the zombies led by Michael Jackson with “Thriller.” The Spice Girls succeeded them with “WANNABE”; The Backstreet Boys went next with “GET DOWN.” Britney Spears with “Baby One More Time” startled the audience. The KPOP dancers danced next to her with (I dunno the title of the song). Right after, Pat made his rendition of  the song “PAPA, Can You Hear ME?” which was followed by his battle with the creature in a contemporary dance with the song “Bring ME To Life.” The finale was our SHOWTIME where 100% of our class danced confidently. We wore shirts with neon prints titled BABA2A. I was assigned with the tabulation that evening and I felt very ebullient upon knowing that we were really CHAMPIONS. We ranked first in each of the three judges’ score sheet. We were declared as the Best in Production(CHAMPION). Moreover, what impressed us the most was the fact that we carried over our shoulders all other minor awards. We won the BEST IN CHOREOGRAPHY, BEST IN VISUAL DESIGN, and Pat brought home the PERFORMER OF THE NIGHT Award. That was awesome. We then prayed after the announcement of winners. As the class mayor, I felt very proud but I kept reminding myself that I should remain grounded on earth. Early that morning of the production night, I sent all of my classmates a text message. In it was written: “They said you have to use your 35 best players to win the game, but I found out you win with the 35 that fit together best. O God, help us to win, but if in Thy inscrutable wisdom Thou willest us not to win. Then, make us a good loser.”Image


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