The Filtrate: Survivors of the difficult process

Filtration is the process of separating suspended solid matter from a liquid, by causing the latter to pass through a porous material called a filter. The liquid which has passed through the filter is called the filtrate. Oftentimes, filtration requires great difficulties.

I could relate the Accountancy Qualifying Exam to the process of filtration for both share a certain element which makes them uneasy to surpass or achieve, that is difficulty. Simply refer to the fact above. The exam was the filtration process and we, the examinees, were the liquid. After 4 hours of thorough examination(passing through the filter) and 3 days of analysis, the scientists(instructors and examiners) have arrived with the results, as to the volume of the filtrate produced. In the said exam, 48% was the total passing rate. What troubles me the most is that not all of us passed through the filter. In our section, 3 were not able to cross the filter. Sadly, they are comparable to the precipitate.

Any attempt to hasten filtration, by scraping or stirring the precipitate on the cloth, will always cause the filtrate to run turbid.

Those who have not qualified must not insist themselves into the program because forcing themselves might make them suffer immensely, giving them false hope. Few hours ago, we were rehearsing for the Speechfest to be held tomorrow when  my classmate’s friend texted her that the results were already posted in the bulletin board. We rushed from Santuario de La Salle to the Wester Hall to check the results. My eyes bulged when I saw my name on the list of topnotchers. I felt so glad that I landed on the third rank. I may not be the highest but at least, I’m one of the highest. What’s even better is that our barkada, I mean all of us in the group, were in the top 10. Hilla grabbed the pinnacle. Leah reached the second rank. I , of course, on the third spot with Therese on the next. Christine placed seventh. And Dazelle was able to arrive at the eighth place. Also, my close friends April, Guen, Kamil, and Joyce(who was crying cats and dogs) landed on the 5th, 9th, and 10th places respectively.

The feeling of relief enclosed us. We were sweating no more. Our stomachs were, at last, in normal operations. And palpitations in our hearts were totally tranquilized. The filtration process was completed. As a part of the filtrate, I am very happy for I have successfully overstepped the complex process. Yet, I am fearful for I am still to undergo numerous challenges which will surely test my learning and will determine my existence in the Accountancy program.


2 thoughts on “The Filtrate: Survivors of the difficult process

  1. mizfit (@vanillatwili9ht) says:

    wow!!! GOOD JOB TO YOU AND YOUR BARKADA! (i almost shed a tear and felt my heart pounds when i read this) although this is late, it’s 2014, but you inspired me T.T qualifying exam also in accounting makes me feel pressured. It is Oct.30.. are my days left enough for reviewing??


    1. stvensontupas says:

      It’s never too late. You still have over a month to prepare. 🙂 Everyone can relate to that pre-exam heart-pounding sensation but it’s better to feel that way than being numb. As they say,”Better paranoid than dead.” Study as many materials as you can. Always try to understand and not to memorize. As with the pressure, learn to deal with it. It is the same pressure that polished coals into diamonds. Good luck on your qualifying exam. May God bless you. Btw, I’m glad you were inspired by my post. 🙂


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